4 Boom (Four Boom)
Players 2
Where City, Game cave, Castle terrace
Date released (Year) 2008

4 Boom is a game on Panfu. It plays in the same way as the popular game Connect Four. You must pour the liquid either up and down,left or right or side ways in the flasks. The one who pours the same colour in 4 flasks first as explained above, wins the game.


The game's official release date is currently unknown. Though it is known that it was created in 2008 and it aired the same year in Panfu. The game's rules and design haven't changed since its creation. It is played by a fairly big amount of pandas, although it has lost popularity nowadays in 2011 and 2012.


The rules of the game are simple and though they are explained above on this page,this is a good place and section to repeat them. It is a 2-player game and therefore only 1 panda can't play it.

The objective is to pour the same colour of your liquid (either Green or Purple) into 4 flasks in a row, column and diagonal. The player who manages to complete the task first wins the game.