In Panfu you can perform various actions, one of the first actions was the waving, sitting and throwing waterbombs.

In addition to these actions, there are many more, including transformations that can turn a player into an animal or something similar.

List of all actions

Type Actions Description
Diving and Sliding doDivingAnimation, doSlideAnimation,

doSlideLakeAnimation, doSlideHomeAnimation,


Sliding or diving was possible at the Swimming Pool, Lake, Treehouse and for a short time also the Volcano.
Throwing pancake, flyingHeart, flyingBottle, flyingBottle2, flyingCup, flyingPillow, waterbomb, slimebomb, cake, flowerPower, kiss, hole, teleportation With a special command, employees of Panfu were able to replace the normal green slimebombs with pink and blue slimebombs.
Transformations babyTransformation, littlebabyTransformation,

giantTransformation, endBabyTransformation,

horsetransformation, unicorntransformation, boy/girlcartransformation, boy/girlsledgetransformation, hummercartransformation, mousetransformation, spidertransformation, robotertransformation,

fogtransformation, rabbittransformation, endcartransformation, iceCube

Transformations can be applied by other objects or players.
Others magic, dance, dance2, dance2, danceMJ, greenhaze, tornado, monsterFart, bubbles, bubblesLong, shock,

greenFart, greenBurp, invisible, babyTransformation,

littlebabyTransformation, giantTransformation, endBabyTransformation, swimmingSuit, wave, sit

Various actions, including some available from the action menu.


  • Using WPE Pro, you could manipulate the packets of Panfu, using actions even when you had to wait or they were no longer available.
  • With the command "bösä" the client developer "Der_Krasse" could use special actions and invite other players to use them as well.
  • The "swimmingSuit" action is used when you put on a swimsuit and go into the water with it, for example at the Swimming Pool or Lake.
  • There is an action called "sheriffFreeze" that freezes a player for a minute. There is also an infinite mouse transformation.