Be Smarter
Be smarter panfu 2012
Players 1
Where San Franpanfu
Date released (Year) 2008

Be Smarter is a quiz-game in Panfu, located at the left side of San Franpanfu. It is located right next to the entrance of the Panfu Beauty Salon. It is currently known as the only quiz game in Panfu and probably the most popular too. Overall, it is the most popular game in Panfu, mainly because it is the game where you get the most coins per try (from 0 up to 1000, depending on the right answers from 1 to 10).

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The game was created in Panfu back in 2008. The game's design, rules and the quiz-wagon's look were left unchanged for nearly 4 years. In December 2012, they were all changed to new ones and there was a major update to the game design.


The game's rules changed after the major update in mid-December 2012. However, the point of the game and much of its rules remained the same. The official game rules (released by the Panfu Team) are the following:

  1. The Be Smarter machine spits out 10 random questions (from a variety of topics and sections) every day.
  2. There are 4 (four) different answers for you to pick from - but only ONE is correct.
  3. Choose an answer by clicking it only once with the cursor of your mouse.
  4. Your chosen answer will be displayed in green (if correct) and in red (if wrong - incorrect).
  5. You will get 100 panda coins added to your Panda account immidiately for each correct answer of a single question.
  6. You have a total of 150 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds) to answer all 10 (ten) questions.

*BONUS: Every month, the Panda with the best results will be crowned Smartypants of the Month!


The game's design also remained unchanged until December 2012. After the update the outside-design of the game was still represented by a quiz wagon. The old quiz-wagon had wheels below itself and therefore could travel to different areas in Panfu (although it had never been reported). However, the new quiz wagon doesn't appear to have wheels and is designed more like a game machine rather than a real wagon.

There appeared to be something like Christmas lights wrapped around the wagon that would change their colours every 5-6 seconds (only referring to the old machine). There was a blinking sign on top of the wagon that would also change its colour. A question mark was also placed on the side of the old small wagon.

The in-design of the game featured a bamboo background, a bar counting the time from 100 until 0, a bar counting the questions from 1 to 5 and a white field where the questions and answers appear. There was also a close button for leaving the game.

Closing of the Game

There has been only 1 closing the game for a short period of time that has been reported in the English version of Panfu. That time was back in the Summer of 2010. The game was declared Out of Order on June 30th, 2010 and it is unknown when it exactly reopened but it is surely known that it was our of order for over a month or even two months. That made many pandas sad and angry at the time.