Ella meet
Meetable Character
This article is about someone who is meetable in Panfu.
Full Name Ella
Species Panda
Position Blogger
Appeared Spies in Bitterland
Color Black, Orange (German Panfu)
Clothes Items Blonde hair, Green Jacket, Blue Skirt
Related To
Friends With Max
Meetable Character? Yes

Ella is one of the two bloggers for the Panfu blog. She is featured in Spies in Bitterland, and in many weekly quests.


  • In early July 2013, Ella was reported missing because she was abducted by Evron. After a while, she was freed. Max gave all pandas who helped him the Ella Missing T-shirt
  • Her design was changed in 2011 along with other mascots during the modernization of Panfu.
  • Ella's voice actor is Mala Ghedia.