Players 1
Where Jungle
Date released 2008

Fish'n'Fish (also known as Crazy Fishing or Pondfishing) is a game on Panfu. In this Panfu mini-game the player (panda) is sitting on a small raft-like boat, and aims to catch as many fish as he/she can. The objective of the game is earning as many points as possible by catching fish for a limited amount of time. Similar to Cloud Number Nine, the game is a basic 1-player game and there is no actual winner. But there are daily, weekly and all-time high/top scores.

The amount of points you get varies according to which fish you catch. Here is a list of all the fishes:

Black fish: 10 points

Orange fish: 20 points

Green fish: 50 points

Pink fish: 100 points

Red fish: 120 points

Snail: Slows down the other fish

Lobster: Adds 10 seconds to the timer


Much like all the other games in Panfu (except for few) not much is known about the game's official release date and Panfu has never stated anything about it. It is only known that it was created somewhere in 2008 and was released the same year in the virtual world, too. There haven't been many updates made to the simple version of the game, except for a big one in 2012. Since its creation in 2008 it has been semi-popular and not very entertaining for a large amount of pandas. However, since it is situated in the same room as the famous Cloud Number Nine game on Panfu, or in other words - the Jungle, it is slightly more popular than it used to be in the beginning.

The old version of Fish'n'Fish was not backed up by anybody and is considered lost.


Not much of the game's rules have been explained in the first section of this article, so this is a rather good place to discuss them. And according to the official game rules they are the following:

  1. The mouse (cursor) is your panda's fishing bait.
  2. Move it up and down to catch the fish that are swimming sometimes lower, sometimes higher.
  3. When you've caught a fish, pull it into the boat and it will automatically be added to your count.
  4. There are different types/kinds of fish.
  5. The bigger the fish you catch - the more points earn from them!
  6. There are also special types of fish that you can obtain.

Have fun!


Panfu Wiki- Fish'n'Fish

Panfu Wiki- Fish'n'Fish