A Goldpanda, also known as a Member, is a panda (player) that pays for a membership on Panfu. Goldpandas can easily be recognised by that they all have a crown in the upper left corner of theyre player card which is golden and sparkles. They can also be recognised by theyre clothing items as they can wear any and all clothes they want to. Goldpandas have acces to all the functions and features on Panfu, some of which includes:

  • Playing all games as well as all the levels of these games.
  • Buying items and clothing from the catalogs.
  • Style and dress theyre panda.
  • Ride horses and cars.
  • + all the other Goldpanda features and advantages.

Sometimes theres events called Goldpanda day on which all players receive 1day (24hours) goldpanda package which they can use to explore the advantages of being a goldpanda. It usually occurs sometimes on fridays.