Happy Horse
Happy horse
Players 1
Where Stable
Date released 6.11.2008

Happy Horse was a minigame in Panfu.


Horse Care

Take care of your horse! Wash it, brush it, feed it well so it can participate in races. To feed your horse, press your finger of the left mouse button and drag a carrot or an apple to it's mouth. To stroke or pat your hourse, press your finger on the left mouse button over the hand symbol and drag it over to wear you want to pat your hourse. Take the comb using the left muose button and comb the mane and tail of your horse. Use long sweeping strokes to make sure there are no tangles. You can only use the comb for your hourse's mane and tail. Take the brush to brush your horse. Press your finger on the left moues button and move the cursor in circles in order to brush his coat and make it shiny.