2010 KW27 krucio1
Full Name Krucio
Species Panda
Appeared Unknown
Clothes Items
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Friends With Unknown
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Krucio is back and his trying to turn all of panfu into stone and get revenge from all of Panfu. Pandas go and defeat Krucio.

All information from this point has been based upon information from the norwegian version of Panfu, some of the information may therefor be incorrect compared to the english version.

Krucio was a evil wizard that came to Panfu first back in 2010. He arrived to attack the island every single day, by transforming one object on the island into grey, lifeless stone each day. He was an evil and merciless wizard that raged in Panfu, though he did so very silently compared to other wizards. Eventually Krucio got tired of just turning objects into stone, and it did not take long before he even started to turn living creatures to stone, like the little bird nearby the castle. Eventually he was also able to make the objects he turn into stone invisible, which meant that it was impossible to see them without some special glasses that Professor Bookworm invented. Krucio eventually turned the Puzzle Machine which was the only machine capable of making something that was capable of reverse the effect of Krucio's evil magic, and that was the magic wand, which vanished when he turn the puzzle machine into stone. Krucio was in the end and was utterly defeated by the pandas on Panfu when they all gathered together and transformed Krucio into the innocent Paul The Kid. Lets hope he doesn't grow up again!