Levels has always been an important part of Panfu, since they give you rewards.

They were introduced to Panfu in October 2008, but back then there was only 15 levels.

Written in Bold is the levels with gold panda-only rewards.

List of Levels

Level Name Description
1 Noob This is the level where all pandas begin. Spend some time playing games and taking a look around and you will reach Level 2 before you know it!
2 Plankton At this level you gain access to the Beauty Salon in San Franpanfu! In the salon there is a catwalk where you can model your clothes for your friends.
3 Greenhorn Hold your breath and open your eyes! The new Player Card Background is just the thing for all keen swimmers among the Pandas. With this, you'll even be able compete with turtles.
4 Micky A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But nobody can top an Owl on your shoulder! Congratulations, you now have a new feathery friend!
5 Goldy Once you reach this level, you'll be a Goldie until level six! Celebrate with your new ability to light fireworks! Log in again to try it out!
6 Teeny You're well on your way to becoming a Panfu veteran. As a reward, here are 1,000 Panda coins. Buy something nice or save up to buy something really nice! Log in again to get your Panda coins.
7 Upstart Pandas are exceptional dancers! But you need the right outfit. In this level you can get the first part of your dance outfit!
8 Rodent Magic! At this level you can transform yourself temporarily into a tiny mouse!
9 Chipster Congratulations! You've now received the second part of your dance outfit. There is only one part left until you'll be able to tear up the dance floor!
10 Dancer Your dance suit is complete! Your panda can now dance! Would you like to dance in the disco or on the street? Both are possible!
11 Misty Magic straight from Kamaria's potion box: At this level you can transform into a cloud of green smoke, but fortunately not for ever! After a few seconds you'll return back into your normal Panda-self.
12 Junior You've been playing in Panfu for a long time. How about a reward? A new treehouse? Or perhaps a new, wacky outfit? Here are 2000 Panda coins, so get shopping!
13 Smoothie Ready for a little dose of responsibility? At this level you get your own rare, colorful Bolly!
14 Spiderpanda Ewww! Now you can transform yourself into a spider! Scare the Panda-pants off of your arachnophobic friends!
15 Slimebomber Now you can have the last laugh! Throw green slime at other pandas! If you aim right, they will be paralyzed until the green slime slides off them!
16 Veteran Welcome to level 16! Go into the pet store. You can play all the games that you find there!
17 Hawk Wow, you're already at Level 17! At this level you will get to be a prince or princess. Have fun reigning!
18 Skipper You're now a skipper! Now you can throw a lightning bolt at other Pandas!
19 Captain Congratulations! You get a police outfit at this level!
20 Antelope Super cool! As an antelope you can temporarily freeze other Pandas in a block of ice!
21 Swordfish Welcome to level 21! You can now dress up as a thief! Don't cause too much mischief!
22 Governor At this level you'll get a new skill: transform other pandas temporarily into little chickens!
23 Leopard You have received a new rocket! Show how you feel with the new love-rocket!
24 Grand Vizier Have fun skating around Panfu with your new pair of rollerblades! But remember - no skating in the treehouse!
25 Lion Smells like something snuck out from behind you. Rip one for your friends or fart just for you to your heart's content!
26 General Gone with the wind! You'll be blown away when you get caught in this cyclone!
27 Chieftain You have finally earned a super-cute, super-cuddly, super-golden Bolly! Impress the neighbors, but remember to take good care of it.
28 Genius Want to send a very special message to that very special someone? Put away that love poem and send your heart instead!
29 Wizard Woah! Hold on to your trousers because now you are a Monster-farter!
30 Tzar Walking is so 20th century. Now you can beam yourself. Finally!
31 Master Hawk Hope you're not afraid of heights, because here's a parachute just for you! Put it on and jump from the volcano. Where you land, nobody knows!
32 Elephant These winged-sneakers will make you the fastest Panda in all of Panfu! Unless the other Panda happens to have the same shoes. Rush around and show everyone what a hurry you're in!
33 Master of Slime You are now the Master of Slime! Throw three slime bombs in a row and show those Pandas who's boss!
34 Rabbit Transform yourself into a cute, little bunny-rabbit and jump around just for the fun of it!
35 Master Thief You are now a master thief! Disappear straight into the ground for a quick get-away.
36 Golden Queen Who is the fairest panda in all the land? You! Put on your new clothes and see for yourself!
37 Kaiser Your powers are growing! Make yourself invisible for a few seconds.
38 Master of Ice You are now the ruler of ice! Freeze three pandas at once into an ice-block.
39 Ghost Finally you can scare them all! You now have an excellent ghost costume. Boo!
40 Emperor The cosiest treehouse ever! You can't buy it anywhere but now you've earned it! Have fun and be proud!
41 Bonsai Feel the power-flower power! Let your buddies know you care with the new flower emoticon!
42 King Koala Which bear is second-cutest after the panda? That's right: the koala bear! With the koala costume, you're sure to be all the rage down under!
43 Count Ahh, what is that lovely jingling? It's the sound of 5,000 Panda coins! Have fun shopping!
44 Ninja Are you the dark and mysterious type? Bewilder all your friends by walking around in a cloud of fog!
45 Green Dragon Ever wish you could spit fire while swooshing around a tail? Now you can with this fabulous dragon costume!
46 Engaged Get ready to say "I do" with the new engagement emoticon!
47 Captain Ay, ay, captain! With your new player's card background, you'll go down in Panfu history!
48 Discotizer Bust a move on the dance floor! From now on, you know an all new dance. Go ahead, have a dance-off!
49 Keeper Here is a lovely light-blue Wooby for you! Take care of her well and she'll be a friend for life.
50 Epicure Ta da! Wow, a new treehouse background just for you! Invite all your friends and celebrate the occasion!
51 Rock it! Shake your head, rocking Panda! With these guitar riffs, nobody will be able to keep their head still. The new dance move is called "Head Bang" and isn't for the fainthearted Panda!
52 Penthouse New York? Tokio? Berlin? Experience big city feeling with this Penthouse treehouse. Panoramic view included!
53 Turtled It lives on land as well as in water, grows very old and always carries its home around - the turtle. With the Costume, you can now put yourself in the shoes of this cute animal. But be careful: A turtle is also very sloooooow.
54 Detective should take a closer look at that. With the new Detective Smiley, everyone will see who's in the know. Solving riddles has just become even more fun!
55 Flower Power Let flowers rain down! You will delight every Panda heart with the new Flower Fireworks. Make sure to check your level functions for it!
56 Bubble Fish Here's looking at you, Panda! This Goldfish is more than a nice decorational piece for your treehouse. His favourite pastime: staring at you with his googly eyes!
57 Checker You have noticed a cute Panda, but are too shy to talk to him or her? The Whistling Smiley might just do the trick!
58 Hop & Top Bring a little bit of Australia to Panfu with your new Kangaroo Costume. Put it on and get hopping!
59 Snob Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the richest Panda of them all? With 8000 additional Panda coins in your pocket, the answer might just be: you!
60 Robot’n’Roll Beep! Beep! You can now transform into a roller skating robot for a little while. Get set, go!
88 Panfu Boss This level was only used by the developer "Der_Krasse". It was called "Panfu Progger" until 2014.[1]
99 Super Blogger This level was used by Max, Ella and Kamaria.


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