A Panfu Private Server (commonly abbreviated as a PPS) is an online multiplayer game that is not part of Panfu but uses .swf files from Panfu, a database and a server emulator. Private servers are not affiliated with or endorsed by Goodbeans GmbH.


  • The very first Panfu-emulator was made at December 12th 2016 by SatoshiFurude, and used Winsock Packet Editor to send packets.
  • The first public Panfu-emulator was made by altro50 in 2018, and is called OpenPanfu.

How it works

To create your own Panfu Private Server, you should already have experience in programming since it is pretty difficult for beginners.

The original server of Panfu was written in Java, but it's not necessary for a private server. Suitable programming languages could be PHP, C or node.js.

Panfu uses a Gameserver and an AMF, the Action Message Format. It is used for many important things, such as logging in or changing clothes.

The original Panfu used Tomcat and OpenAMF, but AmfPHP or any other frameworks is also suitable.

List of all well-known Panfu Private Servers

Name Creator Launched Description
Pannun SatoshiFurude 2016 Pannun aims to recreate old Panfu, mixing some of the most liked functions and styles from 2007-2011. Pannun was the first Panfu Private Server, and it started off as a client in 2012. Robin 2017 is the largest project, and was the second PPS ever made. It started off as a client in 2016. djaye 2017 was a private server made by djaye, the creator of the well known CPPS FreePenguin. It closed December 2018.
Pandaland altro50 2017 Pandaland was a private server, which recreated the 2009-2011 era and continued the story with custom quests. It was discontinued in 2018.