On january 29th 2019 it was announced that the developer of Panfu.KeyBoard is woking on Toeiland

Panfu.keyboard (stylized Panfu.KeyBoard) is an upcoming joke client by Bounyey.

Panfu.keyboard's mascot is Bounyey's Panfu OC Bad Panfu, from an upcoming comic titled Bad Panfu.

Due to recent development in Top Secret Panfu Technology, Panfu.Keyboard finally began development.

The navi is inspired by old ChaosFu and by the old Panfi navi and theres custom songs in the JukeBox

The profile has a NSFW animation.

Emotes will be replaced. For example, kiss emote is replaced by an edited Ozy and Millie panel by Bounyey

Panfu.keyboard in 2019: Panfu.keyboard may continue development as an offline server. It may or may not be released for public use.

Icy dance party


  • It is unknown when it's coming
  • It might be customized
  • It might contain ponies
  • Before Panfu.keyboard, Bounyey was planning a heavily customized client called MyLittlePanfu that would be a complete overhaul of Panfu, making it look like the world of Equestria. Pony transforms were planned, along with custom pets and actions. This client was ultimately scrapped for unknown reasons. No progress was made.
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