FANDOM was a Panfu Private Server made by djaye (Yuki ingame), which launched the 23rd of August 2017. Yuki also made the CPPS FreePenguin and UltimatePenguin (now dead). aimed to keep the game alive after it got closed in November 2016[1], looking exactly like before the closure, unlike Pannun, who uses one of the oldest Panfu-interfaces and is trying to make the game look like it did in around 2009. did not recieve many updates, with the only major change being the item adder.

Shut down

In December 2018 the website shut down[2], probably due to the playercount being extremely low. The server was bought by someone else, and the website now shows a cryptocurrency-site.[3]


  1. The sentence under the welcome-text.
  2. The last time the website was buffered by Google was December 9th, 2018.