The Info-PointIt makes pandas - helper pandas. Every panda has to answer 10 questions, after that you get an umbrella.


NOTE: The correct answer of each question is marked in 'Bold' font.
What is the name of the Panfu panda's pet?




The aliens who visited Panfu for a short period of time had quite difficult names to pronounce, for this reason the other pandas gave them nicknames. What were those nicknames?

Nui and Trawui

Keano and Nubi

Jane and John

When you invite 5 news friends to join Panfu you receive a gift in return. What is it?

A Panfu Gold Package for one month

Coco, the monkey

A colourful Bolly

Which Bolly has a favourite hobby of flying with a rocket?

Blue Bolly

Green Bolly

Pink Bolly

Where do you find the advertising pillar in Panfu?

In the city

On the beach

In the castle

In Panfu there are countless sport fields and sports equipment. What else is missing?

A 400m track and a high jump bar

A basketball court and a soccer field

Javelin throw and badminton

What is missing on Panfu's beach?

A campfire

A lighthouse

A sailing school

What is the name of Panfu's famous scientist?

Prof. Schlockiest

Dr. Schiwago

Prof. Bookworm

What do you do when you see a panda bothering or insulting other pandas?

I Insult him/her as well.

I report him/her.

I throw infinite amounts of water balloons at them, until he/she leaves.

Why do you want to become a panda helper?

Because I can get a cool umbrella

Because my friend is also a panda helper

Because I want to help to make a Panfu a better place