Penny and Lenny is a quest in Panfu.

In the quest you help two lost lovers, Penny and Lenny to find back to each other.

For finishing it, you get a surfboard from Lenny.


You met Lenny the surfer at the Caribbean Beach. He came back to Panfu to see Penny. Go to the Library and talk to Penny. You'll find the Library where cold treats are served.

You found Penny, but she is angry. She doesn't want to see Lenny, because he never replied to her letters. Go to the Caribbean Beach and talk to Lenny.

Lenny is shocked, because he never even got a single letter from Penny. Maybe there is hope yet! Quickly, go to the Library and tell Penny!

Penny almost can't believe that Lenny shouldn't have gotten any of her letters! She sent so many messages in a bottle. The fisherman must have seen her do it. Go and talk to the fisherman Horst Hering. He is where ships lay at anchor.

What a disaster! The bottles with Penny's letters got caught in the fishing net! Quickly, go and see Penny at the Library and clear up the misunderstanding!

Hooray! Penny now knows about the problem with the letters. She is now ready to talk to Lenny. Will there be a romantic Happy Ending after all? Hurry to the Caribbean Beach and talk to Lenny.