Professor Bookworm
Full Name Dr. Professor Bookworm
Species Panda
Position Scientist
Appeared Lab
Color Black
Clothes Items Green jacket and a checkered hat
Related To Unknown
Friends With Kamaria, Max, Ella
Meetable Character? Yes

Professor Bookworm is one of the smartest pandas on Panfu. He is mostly known for his inventions like the Surprise Machine and the Time Machine.


Surprise Machine

The Surprise Machine is a machine in the Cave. Every week it spits out a new furniture.

Shrinking Machine

The Shrinking Machine is a goldpanda-only machine that allows you to shrink yourself into a babypanda.

Time Portals

For Panfu's 5th birthday, he invented time portals and hid them around the Panfu-island. After the birthday was over, he gave all pandas a "Time Travel Stone" that allowed you to time travel anytime you want.

Particle Interfusion Machine

The Particle Interfusion Machine was a machine used in a weekly quest in 2013, used to make eye drops.