Toeiland is a Panfu private server made by Nyaatsuki. It was first brought up as a joke but later turned into a client and eventually changed into a PPS. It was cancelled on November 7th 2018 after the creator couldn't fund the servers anymore. But was restarted in January 2019 and is currently being developed (see reboot).

Early Days

When Toeiland was first being developed it was planned to be a client for Pandaland. It featured a maroon Toolbar and 2011 rooms. This was later scrapped as Nyaatsuki started working on the Open Panfu Project. The Toolbar was changed to rainbow and the some of the originally planned rooms were scrapped for 2012 era rooms.


  • Toeiland is a reference to the dead client Toeifu and the PPS Pandaland.
  • Toeiland's idea for custom parties came from the game Club Penguin
  • Toeiland was supposed to have a custom mascot called "panda senpai" however this mascot has never appeared ingame.
  • The toolbar in Toeiland is a different color as a tribute to Toeifu
  • Some rooms have moving trees and the pool has the exit bar moving like they did in 2007-2008.


  • Parties
  • Custom rooms and redesigned rooms
  • Custom clothing
  • Rainbow toolbar
  • Free Membership
  • Custom music in some rooms


In January 2019 a reboot was announced by Nyaatsuki. A logo redesign was published on the 18th of January and some teasers for the reboot. As of 6 Febuary it was anounced that Toeiland was delayed from the 8th of febuary to a later date. you can follow progress on the Toeiland twitter or join the Toeiland Discord.