Woody is a Pokopet on Panfu. he is the only pet that Non-Gold Pandas can get. Woody is a sky blue Dragon,Seahorse,Moose, Hybrid and can only be brought with the Pokopet Vocher from the Quest "Save the Pokopets!

Information from the Pokopet Catalog

The Woody's Natrual Habitat is a Volcanic island off the coast of China.They love to eat Chilli Pepper Candy and can even spit out Little balls of fire.To protect them from predators, The woodys have dragon antlers that they can make shoot out of the ground on command.If a predator comes near, those little horns shoot right up to block it while the Woody makes its escape.

Woody Is Dating asha and neve cause they love him! Me Gusta Woody! hes awesome!